Thursday, March 2, 2017


With so many things going around my head - polishing my book for publication, thinking some effective strategies to promote my books online, updating my five blogsites, wondering what went wrong with my life plans, figuring out why such and such occurs - I'm already run out of ideas what to write in my journal book. 

So I'm here, idling. And waiting for my brain cells to start working again. While my book series THE RED STAR TATTOO needed some urgency to be wrapped up today, my appetite in writing seems (still) shut. So I'll just waste my time answering random questions (lol!) to pick up momentum 😁 😃 

I love answering random questions when weariness hits me. It feels like a fuel that fills up my empty tank. It picks up my energy and start doing things right. 


1. Describe the weather in your place now.
Warm and balmy. But not breezy, in fact, it's a little humid.

2. Have you ever thought of going out to the moon?
Oh my God, yes! All the time. If that's the only way to get out of everything, then why not 😃 

3. If you could be invisible in one day, what will be the first thing you want to do?
Rush to the airport and catch the first flight to Switzerland. It's been my childhood dream to visit Switzerland and spend a day in the Swiss Alps.

4. Mountain or Beach?
Mountain. I grew up (born and raised and lived) in the coastal area of Surigao del Sur and had been chasing waves in my younger days so beaches no longer fascinate me. I like mountains, the whisper of the valleys heals tired spirit. The sight of the cool horizon gazing below the thick greeneries  restores the balance of life. I like the serenity that the mountains offer. 

5. Extreme adventure you've done so far.
None. But I would love to go skydiving haha!

6. When was the last time you cried over a sad event.
When my favorite cat, named Cotton, died two years ago. That was so sad I kept crying over a week.

7. Pets you have right now.
Cats and Dogs. We've plenty of them in the house 😃

Cats love to hang around each time I'm in front of my computer 
and they love making scenes too!

8. Autumn or Winter
Autumn. I like the color of the environment during Fall. Brilliant and romantic and the environment is subdued, as though the world is at peace again.

9. Are you political?
Hmm. Kinda. I'm not someone who follows a neutral stand. I always take side. That's something I learned from my father. I am always socially-aware since I was in elementary. I grew up with an activist/environmentalist father who hates social inequality. I hate social injustices, especially now in the Philippines. So many things have been going around. Issues on political persecution, the Marcos loyalists seem inspired again due to the obvious motivation from the president, the president's supporters who are trolling online, dishing fake news, revival of death penalty, killings, killings, killings. Harrf! Things get uglier every minute of the day in the country. The antagonistic behavior of the president towards critics and the Catholic church already gets into the nerve. 

10. Have you ever been admitted to the hospital?
Yes. During my younger days. But only mild illnesses such as fever, cold, allergies, something like that. Thank God everyone in the family is healthy.

11. If you could go anywhere where would that be?
Tuscany in Italy. I love a countryside life and embarking into a countryside adventure anywhere in the Tuscan region definitely a grand treat of a lifetime. Switzerland is another dreamed destination.

12. Sunrise or Sunset
Sunrise. I find it very inspiring and motivating. It makes life smooth and soft. I always feel there's something special in the morning with a bright sun rising above. It implies a beautiful day ahead.

13. What is cooler. Tattoo or Piercing?
None of them. I hate tattoo and body piercing.

14. What makes you nervous.
The notion of the future without any savings. 

15. Favorite TV Programs/Shows?
Sports telecast and Documentaries. I'm not into soap operas. I prefer real stories and current affairs.

16. What's one thing or two you would love to do for the rest of your life?
Write and Travel. And bake and eat 😃 😁

17. Are you into sports?
I'm not an athlete but I love sports. I like hearing sports stories, it offers motivation. I followed sports shows on television. Currently, I am following all UAAP (University Athletics Association of the Philippines) events on TV. I am cheering for the Ateneo de Manila University team.

18. Name an athlete you're in awe with.
Bea De Leon. A middle blocker of the Ateneo Lady Eagles. She's one of my favorite volleyball players in the country. I like her aura during the game. Cool and fun, smart and enthusiastic. I like her playfulness and energy every time she scores. Perfectly lively and gorgeous. She's more than just a pretty face inside the volleyball court, she's loaded with so much awesomeness. The main protagonist in my upcoming thriller book, THE RED STAR TATTOO CONSPIRACY. is named after Bea.

Bea De Leon. Middle Blocker of the Ateneo Lady Eagles.
The above jersey (#8) was still at the Shakey's V-League last year. 
Bea wears back jersey #14 now in the UAAP Season 79

19. An important advocacy you're very enthusiastic about.
Environmental advocacy. I always believe that the worsening condition of the warming of the atmosphere is an urgent global problem that needs immediate attention from everyone. Next to hunger and wars, global warming (one of the main causes of Climate Change) is a major concern that directly affects humanity. So we need to cooperate and do things in our own little way to slow the warming of the atmosphere.

20. Who is the most intelligent person you know?
Hillary Clinton. She's smart and tough. And it's disappointing to know that she lost in the election.  I can't believe Americans chose someone who has no political experience and whose behavior is similar to that adolescent boy who likes to hang around the social media exchanging heated tweets with celebrities. America lost the chance of having a serious head of state and the first woman president in history,

21. And the dumbest?
Donald Trump? 😁 Who else?

22. Who is the last person you usually think about before falling asleep?
Oh God, this is tough. I could not think of anyone. Because every time I went to bed, after making a sign of the cross, I talk to God and ask His guidance to keep me safe while asleep, then everything is quiet, the next thing I know it's already morning. So no one in my mind in the evening before I sleep except God. hehe!

23. Name something you do when you're alone that you would not do in front of others.
I cry. Yes, when I am alone, I cry (but not often) over some failed dreams and plans and wishes. It's good to let things out of my chest through tears. It helps me relieve afterwards and prevents me from cracking.

24. Do you have any regrets in life?
None. I always believe that things happen for a reason. There are really events that bound to take place to bring us to where God wants us to be. I can only count lessons over those failures I stumbled. But never regrets. Failures make everyone tougher and wiser. And I am a better person now. The best version of myself. because of those failures.

25. Which do you prefer, chocolate or pizza?
I'll go for pizza. I don't eat chocolate that much. I am not into sweetie food actually.

26. Tea or Coffee?
Tea, of course. I don't like coffee except on cold weather.

27. What do you prefer in a guy, perfect body built or intelligence?
Intelligence. What would I do with his perfect body built if he can't speak anything intellectual? 😁 I like articulate, smart guys who can discuss anything and everything under the sun, from the fall of troy to the melting of the glazier in the arctic.

28. If love is the answer, then what's the question?
What's one lacking element in the world today amidst of wars and killings?

29. If you could trade places, to whom would you choose and why.
Tough question 😁 Someone famous in the literary world like J.K. Rowling or Nicholas Spark. The celebrity status is enough to influence the world with my environmental advocacy. I would go around the world and promote my environmental crusade to every corner. Write a book about Climate Change Awareness or perhaps make a documentary film about Carbon Footprints Awareness.

30. Your type of cuisine?
All things Asia 😋 I love Oriental/Asian cuisine. Japanese in particular.

31. Why sink hole exists?
Well, maybe due to the movement of the earth beneath haha! Have some archaeologists check my answer, please. 

32. Why do broken heart exists?
I suppose this question has nothing to do with sink hole, right? 😁 In our lifetime, according to experts, we can experience stuff like this because we do have emotions. (is the question suppose to be serious?) 

33. You hear loud explosion, what's your reaction?
Tremble, Then get angry. That's my usual reaction every New Year's Eve.

34. Rainy days or Sunny days?
Rainy days. I love cool weather. It makes everything smooth and peaceful. I like the effect of rain to my senses. It motivates me to write more.

35. Soft drinks or Beer.
Soft drinks (though I stopped consuming soft drinks 10 years ago). I am not into alcoholic drinks, I only consume wine below 5% abv (alcohol by volume).

36. Things in your mind right now.
Live in  the farm, do farming things, raise a herd of sheep, establish a dairy farm, cultivate flowers and vegetables. Bake goodies. Write stories. Travel to Europe and watch the Northern Lights in Finland.

37. What excites you today?
My upcoming payout from Adsense haha! And the volleyball game tomorrow between the Ateneo Lady Eagles and the DLSU Lady Spikers. I am keeping my finger cross that the fate will favor the Ateneo Lady Eagles. One Big Fight!

38. Stare down. What do you see?
Our dogs sleeping. They love to sleep in my feet when I am sitting down.

39. You feel the breeze, the cool air. What do you think is the message?
Life's tranquility. Breeze makes tree leaves dance and I love the sight of swaying leaves. The relaxing breeze always brings peace of mind.

40. What is your immediate desire at the moment?
Prepare an Egg's Benedict Bunwich for breakfast! I'll have my own Egg's Benedict Bunwich recipe. I'll use mackerel or tuna instead of patties, then greens and cheese.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All New Revisions Available in Amazon

Got so very busy lately, polishing the chapters of my debut thriller/suspense novel, THE RED STAR TATTOO CONSPIRACY. It finally reaches the final stage and will be published in Amazon soon. Meanwhile, my two non-fiction books have all-new revisions.

TALES OF ROYAL TRAGEDIES, a book that retells the dark side of fairy tale. It compiles the most interesting tales of intrigues, controversies, scandals and tragedies that haunted the lives of the European royals down the centuries. Available in two editions: Paperback and Kindle. 

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This trivia quiz book is spread into different categories: Business, General Information, Monarchy, History, Travel, Religion, Science and Technology, Literature, European Consorts. There's a bonus section included. Photo trivia featuring landmarks in the United States.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Upcoming book: The Red Star Tattoo

I'll be publishing my debut novel soon.

The Red Star Tattoo is a thriller-suspense book primarily set in the state of Maine, USA. It follows the story of a woman who has been haunted by dark figures she believes the death squad of a shadowy group where her biological father was once a member. She believes that her red star tattoo has something to do with the haunt and her family's murder.

She moves from one place to another just to evade the death squad. In Portland, she marries a descendant of an aristocrat. Later she found out the marriage pushes her more to the center of the group's treachery.

In her quest to unmask the identities of her real enemies, she faces more layers of complications until she was accused of killing her husband. What happens thereafter are the series of events and layers of twists that will keep you to the edge.

This book is divided into three series and will be available for purchase in Amazon and Kindle. Please catch the updates on the upcoming release by liking our facebook page: The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy

Thank you!