Sunday, December 10, 2017

The Complete pack of The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy

The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy is now complete. The three books can now be purchased in Amazon and other online book retailers. You may check all the available versions in my author's page HERE This page shows all my available books and each button will directly point you to Amazon shopping cart for an easy navigation.

Book 1: The Lost Memory

Book 2: The Hunt for a Dark Child

Book 3: The Child of Destiny

In the final book of the series: The Child of Destiny, Bea returns to a remote farm village where her family was murdered when she was still a child. There, she retrieves the box that her father had kept for 19 years. It holds an explosive secret. 

Eventually, she restarts a life in terror, this time, facing her most dangerous enemy she unwittingly welcomes into her own home. 

Brace on for the final series of The Red Star Tattoo Conspiracy as Bea Gladstone continues with her quest to discover the real story of the mysterious red star mark in her shoulder and its connection to the powerful secretive organization called The Golden Templars Society.

The Essence of Silence

Bushed up lately.

 Extremely tired with the daily routine  due to grueling work hours. I don't even have enough time to check my cellphone. And I am on the verge of giving up. I already reached a point where I am started looking for another alternative. Because I don't want to undergo this kind of routine in the coming months. Never again. 

In the middle of this highly demanding and very taxing routine, often times I am longing for some privacy, even within my thoughts, to get rid the pressure off my head. I need enough space to breathe, to discern things, to think about life, and to rest my tired mind and body, even at the comfort of my own thoughts.

Sometimes I longed to be alone. My very introvert nature hates noises and being surrounded with a large crowd and desired for some privacy. However this is terribly impossible as I am always surrounded with people in the workplace. So for a time, silence is all I need. Even within my thoughts.

Yes, everyone needs SILENCE. We could never hear ourselves clearly. And we could never discern effectively if we are always talking, if we are always loud. Especially if we are stuck in such a very noisy environment. Literally and figuratively.

But irritation occurs when people in my surrounding take notice on my silence. They misinterpret it the other way around. They thought I am morose, angry towards someone or pissed off with my work or having tantrums. They thought I needed to be calmed down to bring back the jest in me. So some of them will endlessly pester me why I am silent, why I seem stop talking. Which thoroughly triggered my angst and annoyance.

These people perhaps never understand the essence of silence and the value of private moments deep within. We all need space and privacy, even how busy we are in the workplace. Often times, we are processing some personal issues on understanding life's complexities and how things should run in our lives. So silence is what we needed. And I hope people in our surroundings give it to us and respect this personal choice of privacy.

So I am screaming now to give me some moments of silence, for some privacy in my thoughts and allow me to keep quiet while working and never disturb me or ask me why I am quiet or why I remain silent.

Anxiety is slowly consuming what is left for my faltering energy and I need enough silence to recharge, and to invigorate my worn-out system. So Please, give me some moments of silence and stop asking me why I am quiet at times.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Nlighten Bubble Cleanser

When it comes to skincare, Korean products always have a unique attraction to the consumers in the beauty market.

Basically, this has nothing to do with the K-pop fever, it's just that beauty products from Korea really are effective and mostly plant-based.

When a friend introduced me to Nlighten line of skincare, which are all made from Korea, I was so fascinated instantly. I picked up bubble cleanser because it was my first time to hear something about "therapy oxygen" and how it works in the skin.

Indeed this product is so fabulous! And I have not been so satisfied with the skincare I used. This is really unique! As bubble releases on the skin, it starts to penetrate deeply, giving the skin a thoroughly cleansing activity and an instant face lift! It tightens pores and eliminates dark spots and black heads.

After a week of regular use I noticed my skin becoming so radiant and smooth. It works very fast on the skin, as though I have an instant face lift. It also evens out skin tone and erases dark spots. This product works both as a cleanser and a rejuvenating facial wash,

A plant-based, it contains Evening Primrose, Asian White Birch and Yellow Dock Root that help fight inflammation and skin irritation, making the skin so radiant and soft. And what I love most about this product is that this is paraben-free!

How to apply?

Just press a pea-sized drop to your finger tip and lather on the skin. Allow the bubble to penetrate the skin for a minute, The bubbles will work on dirt and eradicate all the impurities. Gently wipe the remaining bubbles with cotton ball. Then wash the residue with a lukewarm water.

You may use a cream or any hydrating/moisturizing lotion/cream after each application to lock  the moisture in your skin.

Level of Satisfaction - Highly satisfied! This is a highly recommended product to everyone. Especially those who are experiencing a sagging skin  in the face with blemishes and dark spots. Money guaranteed!

Price: Php 1,450.00 per bottle. But good for 3 months.

Where to buy: Contact me/send me a message so that I can refer you to my friend who is one of the direct dealers of Nlighten products in the Philippines.