Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My not-so-funny Valentines

 Haaaay!it’s Valentine season once again...

Anyway I will just be contented watching my environment smoldered in "blood", maybe this is not yet my time to be associated with Red. 

And just like the past years -- since I learned how to pout my lips when people started asking how I would spend the day of hearts -- this Valentine's Day, I will celebrate it again with my close friends, nothing has change grrrrrrrr!

Here  are some of my most exciting & funniest events every Valentine's Day with my friends:

Since started working, I always spent my Valentine's day with colleagues in the University (Pressie De la Torre, Rose Alegada, Pinky Ordaneza, Judy Merecido and Arlene Cardinas), often over dinner. One Valentine's day we had a dinner somewhere in Bajada, we were amused to find out most of the tables were occupied by lovers who couldn't take their eyes off from each other, as if one of them will melt or evaporate if they will blink!

So funny to see these kind of couples because they were so glued to each other as if the Earth will crumble in a minute, and their movements were not really spontaneous! Why they seemed super tense?why they couldn't relax?haha!..okay I will try to find out these unsolved mysteries in the years to come. hmmp! After dinner we watched movies twice!haha!!

Then on the following year, the year I thought I would be having a different Valentine's Day, but to my complete shock I still joined my friends and repeated what we did in the previous V-Day, dining out and movie hopping.

In 2006, I spent the day of hearts with two of my friends, Pressie and Rose, this time our conversation was a bit serious, finally anxieties started knocking our poor heads and wondered why we always spend this "mysterious day" with each other when other people kept changing partners every Valentine's Day.

Our usual question: When will we celebrate Valentine's Day with a guy? Then I thought..hmmm..maybe next year things would be different..and next year..and next year..but in 2008, goodness, I still spent it with my friends!grrrrrr! 

(left photo: with Bechay and Prissie)

So I pleaded help to St. Jude, the patron saint for the love and the hopeless..ahem.. to give me a different Valentine story next year.

Oh well, it seems St. Jude had a difficult time finding the map of my destiny that my request did not reach to heaven, so again, in 2009, only the style of my hair changed,  everything in my system remained "unmoved" and, well, what else is new, I and my colleagues had a Valentine dinner near Torres.

The meaning of my Valentine's Day is heavily confined in the company of my close friends in a never-ending dinner set-up, sharing the same old, tiring story of hopelessness and the mystery of where the heck of the universe Mr. Right is hiding.

Until we began poking fun with each other with "what will gonna happen in 2010? will we finally spend it with ..uhmmm..someone? or with a ghost?" but as weeks unfolded into months and months and reached December, I finally resigned to the fact that I will be having another round of a “friendly” Valentine’s Day celebration, hahaha! And darn!all my premonitions proved true!

Okay, so we will going to have a quite (there will be a little smile) dinner at GARDEN FRESCA-I've never been into this place so I'm kinda excited..and, .ahhhh..why not explore the place, with some...gossip? no of course not, but pose for some souvenirs..hahaha!  then we talked days ago to, uhmmm..try our best to proceed to the Summit Bar of Royal Mandaya Hotel.

I am not sure if we were in our right senses when we agreed to go there and witness the morbid lovapalooza, oh hell! so what will we gonna do there exactly? watch couples smooching until they faint? But we're sure we wanted to take some "breather" and enjoy the night to eradicate some "emptiness" that thumping in our chests like crazy butterflies for so long.

Last night, while editing my two manuscripts, I tried pacifying myself "Okay, never mind having another round of Valentine blues this year, after all St. Valentine did not die for sentimental love but because of his love for his duty, his mission in life, his friends"-related infact, Valentine's day is officially omitted from the list of  holidays in all nations and in the Roman Catholic list of feast days)

 (left photo: Pink Tulips--my favorite flower)

Being loveless on the day of hearts seems the most terrifying aspect of every unattached human being with normal heartbeats, because of the endless taunting of  people. But for the past decade, I learned artistically how to fire my bullet without harming anybody--I just shrugged it off and shot them with a blazing gaze...most of them got my point..maybe my future Valentine date is still trapped somewhere else--in the North Pole perhaps.

Of course!deep inside, I know I started to feel like a useless human an excess a dusted closet...and...and...I don't know...grrrr! But the good thing of having no someone yet, is the fact that I can still plan what's best for my life, what road to take (oh gosh! I'm beginning to sound like M. Scott Peck or John Gray or Leo Buscaglia), so while waiting for my "Prince Charming", I will just treat each day as Gods' way of protecting me, maybe God wanted me to make good decisions to avoid gliding on the wrong path. But how long?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!make every moment unforgettable..!